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MJ Menu for Super Bowl Weekend

MJ Menu for Super Bowl Weekend

Happy Super Bowl weekend everyone! Did you notice that one of the major news stories circulating right now is that former Baltimore Ravens and Chicago Bears linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo saw some of his teammates smoking marijuana during the week of one his two Super Bowls? It must have either been after the 2006 season or after last season, but he won’t tell. How is this kind of thing making the news? Who knows? But apparently Ayanbadejo was surprised to see his teammates using marijuana just a few days before the Bowl. Awwwww.

Marijuana remains on the NFL’s banned substances list, hence the sweet Marijuana Policy Project billboards, and two members of the Seattle Seahawks’ secondary — cornerbacks Brandon Browner and Walter Thurmond — have served drug suspensions this season. Their coach Pete Carroll agrees with the notion that the NFL should look into allowing players to use marijuana for medicinal purposes.

But you aren’t playing this weekend, are you? Nope, and that means you should absolutely enjoy some tasty green treats while you watch the game. Buzzfeed did what they do best (LIST POSTING!) and they posted a list of the top 17 marijuana-filled Super Bowl snacks. To compile this list, they used references like Aunt Sandy’s Medical Marijuana Cookbook, Ganja Kitchen Revolution, and the official High Times Cannabis Cookbook.

Our favorites from the list are Super Lemon Haze Mexican Guacamole, Tex-Mex Herijuana Cinnamon Chili, and Dixon’s Doozies (donuts!!!). DON’T FORGET to start your recipes tomorrow so your stash has time to infuse with the butter or oil. And, DON’T make EVERYTHING with MJ, because you won’t die, but you might want to die.

What’s on your Super Bowl menu? Tell us in the comment section below, or on our Facebook page!

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