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MJ Prices by State

MJ Prices by State

A “Price of Weed Directory” exists. It exists online…because, where else would it? You can find it yourself – probably even on your work computer – at We have to thank the Huffington Post for pointing us in this direction and bringing us a few hours of interesting research. We can now appropriately map out our travel plans for as long as this directory is accurate – which, keep in mind, might not be for very long, what with new industry popping up here, there and everywhere.

But, for all intents and purposes, you should be able to visit this directory and determine the average cost of marijuana by state. For instance, check out Texas. You see the social rating via “social acceptance” (society is somewhat intolerant) and “law enforcement” (fairly heavily enforced in this great state). Below, you’ll see the average cost/ounce for high ($326.02) and medium ($232.32) quality…apparently low quality isn’t even worth listing the cost, because “we feel bad for these guys.”

Compare Texas prices to those of Oregon, where medical marijuana is already legal and will be recreationally beginning July 1. A high-quality ounce in Oregon only runs at about $204. That’s a pretty big difference. The Huffington Post analyzes some other trends in its article here.

So, how accurate is this price directory, and how do they collect their data? Crowdsourcing, like everything else on the internet these days. On a state’s page, below the average ratings and prices, you’ll see the most recent submissions, showing city, state, amount of bud, quality of bud and price of bud. The website then averages the submissions to calculate pricing. Tada!

You now have your entertainment for the day. Enjoy! But try not to get caught at work.

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