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More Texas Drug Busts

More Texas Drug Busts

Texans have been all over the news recently with marijuana busts…just last night, a car hit a state trooper and bailed towards Rio Grande. Later, the car was found abandoned with more than 300 pounds of cannabis worth about $100,000. The trooper is okay – has been treated and released from a hospital – but the driver hasn’t been found yet.

Yet another bust took place in Central Texas this week, near Navasota. The Washington County Sheriff’s Office found almost 3,500 plants ranging from two to eight feet tall on a 50-acre property. The discovery was made after a neighbor reported the operation to authorities. Again, like similar operations recently found in Chambers County and in Polk County, it’s believed that the growers were living either on the property or nearby in the woods. Goodbye, $1.7 million worth of marijuana.

And of course we’ll have to wait until the beginning of September to hear whether 19-year old Jacob Lavoro will really be charged with a felony for making pot brownies in his apartment a few months ago.

An interesting layer to the recent drug busts? Apparently, according to a National Survey on Drug Use and Health, fewer than 3% of Texas adults have partaken in the ganja in the past month, whereas 52% have had a beer or other alcoholic beverage in the past month. Nathan Jones of the Baker Institute at Rice University attributes these habits to Texas culture, which “is very accepting of drinking and even of binge drinking, which is in many ways a type of drug abuse.” He believes the current culture encourages reckless behavior, but didn’t make any statements about marijuana legalization.

What are your thoughts on the culture of alcohol and drug use in Texas? What have you observed?

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