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New Year’s Resolutions for Smokers & Tokers – Part 2

New Year’s Resolutions for Smokers & Tokers – Part 2

Do you even remember the New Year’s resolutions you made last year? Probably not. This year, we can help you make resolutions that a) you can actually keep and b) will make you an even better, more socially conscious stoner!

In case you missed our first 3, check them out here.

4. Go Green!

Get it? Go green? Anyway…maybe this is the year for you to become a more environmentally friendly toker! How, you ask? There are plenty of products to make smoking that green even greener. The Maui Wowie Bootube is a 100% sustainable “Living Glass” water pipe and the only fully sustainable organic water pipe on the market.

You can also use RAW Rolling Papers instead of normal cigarette paper. RAW founder looked at the bleach paper cigarettes are rolled in and thought if they could make the tobacco additive-free, he could make a natural, unbleached, unrefined paper to wrap it in. So he did!

5. Support Local Businesses

We know you already do this because you kindly support us! However, this is a resolution you can make every year. We were inspired this year by Deep Ellum on Air and their commitment to the talent in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We’ll continue to support our local businesses and we hope you do too!

6. Give Back to the Community

Giving back to the community is a top priority for us here at the Glass House. This year alone, you helped us host a fundraiser for the children of our friend Jenny Kush, and you supported raffles for the North Texas Food Bank and Hope for the Hungry. Every time you purchase products from Grassroots California, the company donates a percentage to non-profit organizations.

We plan to maintain and further our commitment to the hurting in our community in 2014. You can help us do that by participating with us, and you can branch out on your own and give back to the causes you feel passionately about. Either way, make this a priority in the new year and you’ll be amazed at the impact it has on you.

That’s it for our New Year’s resolutions. Which ones do you share? Do you have any others? Let’s hear it!

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