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NY Gov. Cuomo Can’t Let Go

NY Gov. Cuomo Can’t Let Go

On Friday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the Compassionate Care Act, finally legalizing marijuana for patients with one of a small number of medical conditions including cancer, multiple sclerosis, and epilepsy.

If you’ve been following our blog or news about this bill as it made its way through the state Senate, you know that its sponsors had to make several changes in order to satisfy Gov. Cuomo’s demands. Doctors can only prescribe the drug to patients with a limited number of conditions, and they can only prescribe edibles, oils and lotions – nothing will be smoked, and we are fairly certain no one will be seeing bud – just extracts.

As New York Daily News points out, this basically means that instead of giving medical doctors the permission to prescribe as they see fit based on their patients’ specific needs, the New York state government is giving them extreme restrictions. Basically, New York doctors, the government doesn’t trust your judgment. Because you know, it’s not like you spent years in school for this kind of thing, right?

So, when Gov. Cuomo says things like, “We believe this bill strikes the right balance” in regard to marijuana’s medical benefits and restrictions to curtail any risk factors, we think he’s pretty much full of shit.

The silver lining, though, is that medical marijuana will finally be an option for at least a number of patients suffering from chronic pain, effects of chemotherapy, epileptic seizures, and more.
Now, the State Health Department has up to 18 months to establish regulations, policies and procedures, including who can dispense and grow the drug. Initially, five organizations — both businesses and nonprofits — will be allowed to dispense marijuana, each at up to four locations around the state. The drug will be grown in New York, and the sales of it will be taxed seven percent.


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