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One for the History Books!

One for the History Books!

January 1, 2014 has come and gone. Over a dozen marijuana stores opened in Colorado on New Year’s Day, licensed by the state to sell up to an ounce for recreational use. Washington is reviewing over 300 applications for state licenses for marijuana stores expected to begin opening in the spring.

So, how were the first two and a half days of legalized recreational marijuana? Is the scent wafting through the streets of Denver, distracting everyone from their daily routines? Have marijuana-related deaths increased due to overdoses and high driving? Are school children putting in more orders for fake ID’s so they too can purchase this crazy cannabis drug?

Au contraire! There’s no such thing as a marijuana overdose, silly!

You know what, though?

Anyway, no, the scent isn’t wafting through the streets, the people of Colorado are hard at work, children are safe, and marijuana is legal. And the residents love it, and we might be a little jealous.

Also, you guys should definitely check out this Huffington Post recap of just how happy Colorado residents are. Welcome to 2014!

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