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Pot Brownies and Wiz Khalifa

Pot Brownies and Wiz Khalifa

Two very interesting drug arrests recently occurred here in our great state.

First of all, a 19-year old named Jacob Lavoro may be facing life in prison for baking and selling pot brownies. Last month, police officers in Round Rock, just north of Austin, found 1.5 pounds of brownies along with an additional pound of cannabis, digital scales, and over $1,500 in cash at Lavoro’s apartment. Possible consequences? Five years to life in prison.

Apparently Lavoro made his brownies with hash oil rather than plain old marijuana plant. Under Texas law, hash oil is treated like a serious narcotic. To determine the amount of hash oil included in the brownies, the police weighed the entire batch and charged him with 1.5 pounds of marijuana.

Fair? Probably not. This is just another example of how our drug laws are failing the people they are meant to protect. Lavoro pleaded not guilty, and his defense attorney believes there’s a good chance his charge will be downgraded. We’ll find out next month when he’s back in the court room.

But guess who else was arrested for marijuana possession in Texas? WIZ KHALIFA. That’s right, he was leaving a musical festival in El Paso that he had just headlined, stopped at an inspection checkpoint in the El Paso airport, didn’t have any identification (because he’s WIZ KHALIFA, idiots), and had to undergo a search. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) found a canister of marijuana, and off he went to jail, where he posted a selfie on Twitter. No joke.

Of course, Wiz Khalifa was only charged with a misdemeanor and was released after posting $300 bail. Lavoro remains in jail, charged for a felony. Different “crimes,” of course, but still…

What are your thoughts on these recent arrests? Let’s hear ‘em. Find us on Facebook!


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