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Pot Brownies = Life in Prison?

Pot Brownies = Life in Prison?

Welcome to Texas, where possession of pot brownies can land you life in prison. Okay, okay, not really…at least, not yet, anyway. But thanks to the news media, all of America has heard of Jacob Lavoro now, the 19-year old in Georgetown, Texas who faces 10 years to life in prison because he was making hash brownies in his apartment.

The basics – a pregnant neighbor called because the smell of smoke next door was making her sick. (Tip #1: If your neighbor is preggers, maybe try to keep the smell from wafting over.) The cops came into the apartment, allegedly without a search warrant, and arrested Lavoro after finding 2.5 grams of THC in the brownies as well as other paraphernalia and an apparent client list. (Tip #2: Don’t let them in without a search warrant and don’t get arrested. Bada bing, bada boom.)

In two weeks, Lavoro will be presented in front of a grand jury on charges of the possession of nearly one and half pounds of drugs with the intent to sell, a first-degree felony with a punishment of 10 years to life.

But don’t worry – thankfully, it’s likely that Lavoro’s charges will be reduced, “not because of public outcry, but because of legal procedures” – you know, the legal procedures of freaking the fuck out and calming down later. Because of the unlawful entry, and also because 2.5 grams of THC isn’t all THAT much, Lavoro has a good chance of a much better outcome than even ten years in prison.

He’ll be tried on September 4th, so until then…

(Photo: Ashley Goudeau, KVUE News)


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