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Pure genius: Girl Scout cookies + cannabis dispensaries

Pure genius: Girl Scout cookies + cannabis dispensaries

It’s that time of year again…how quickly we forget our New Year’s resolutions to get healthy when little girls in uniform are standing outside grocery stores peddling the most delicious cookies of all time. Do-si-dos. Thin Mints. SAMOAS.

Girl Scouts selling cookies. They’re everywhere! Co-workers bring in their daughters’ order forms and you would feel bad saying no, wouldn’t you? They come knocking on your door, they stand outside of 7-11 – you can’t avoid them, and deep down you really don’t want to. If they weren’t everywhere, we would probably just go looking for them.

Colorado Girl Scouts, listen up! The Girl Scouts in San Francisco have gotten increasingly entrepreneurial. 13-year old Danielle Lei set up shop in front of a medical cannabis collective last week, and she sold 117 boxes within 45 minutes. That must be a record.

Taking it one step further, in Arizona, 8-year old Lexi Menees secured a deal with a dispensary. For every customer who buys at least half an ounce of cannabis, they will receive a free box of cookies. Lucky ducks.

Of course, selling cookies outside of a cannabis dispensary is pure genius and true entrepreneurial spirit. But, not all parents are on board with the idea. Cannabis itself causes quite a bit of controversy among parents, and now Girl Scouts selling outside of dispensaries? Lei’s local Girl Scouts chapter said it was up to parents and volunteers to make “wise decisions for their girls” and she was accompanied on her stall by her mother.

To those parents who are uncomfortable with the idea…we can’t force you to light up, but maybe you should lighten up. Pass the cookies!

Heidi Carney speaks with her husband, Justin Menees, while their daughter, Lexi, 8, sells Girl Scout Cookies outside a marijuana dispensary in Phoenix. Photo: AP.


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