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Same story, new athlete

Same story, new athlete

Poor Geovany Soto. Last week, the Texas Rangers former All-Star catcher and Rookie of the Year was arrested for marijuana possession – just under two ounces, to be a little more exact. Soto has been on the disabled list all season after having surgery on torn cartilage in his right knee. Maybe he was just medicating!

Medicating or not, 31-year old Soto was pulled over for speeding in Grapevine, about a half-hour northwest of Dallas. He must have had a pretty dank-smelling car, because the cops searched him and found the pot. Soto tested positively for marijuana during the World Baseball Classic in 2009, but generally Major League Baseball doesn’t conduct regular testing. If players are found using it, they are referred to a treatment board that will determine whether a treatment program is really necessary.

No next steps for Soto yet, but he has been released on a $500 bail.

Celebrities and athletes getting busted for pot is always amusing. Soto apologized to his fans, his family, and the Rangers organization – but come on, Soto, who cares? No one’s really worried that it’s going to enhance your performance, let’s be honest. Plus, marijuana is a healthier, more natural pain medication. And maybe he was using it to fight depression, too, since it must suck to be injured and have to sit on the sidelines all year. So, hopefully this little incident won’t get in the way of his career.

(His eyes look really red in that mugshot, though, don’t they?)

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