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Santa Claus Wants His Cannabis Access

Santa Claus Wants His Cannabis Access

This might blow your mind, but bear with us.

The North Pole is real, and Santa Claus lives there. He’s a medical marijuana patient and he wants his access, goddammit. However, the spirit of Christmas lives year round in the North Pole, and there’s some debate amongst citizens about whether a marijuana dispensary has a place in such an atmosphere. Can marijuana and Christmas coexist? These are the questions of our lives.

On Monday, the North Pole City Council got together to make a decision. And they decided that marijuana and Christmas CAN coexist. They will NOT ban dispensaries from opening up shop in their town. Here’s their thinking – if citizens of the North Pole don’t want to shop at dispensaries, they won’t. Basically, give the people what they want, and if they don’t want it, they won’t use it. Is that common sense? Who would have thunk it?

You can read more about Santa Claus’ medical marijuana needs at, the voice of interior Alaska.

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