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Save the Date for 7-10!

Save the Date for 7-10!

Happy post-Independence Day! We hope everyone enjoyed the holiday with family and friends, celebrating our many freedoms, practicing gratitude for those who pioneered the way for us, and taking some time to reflect on how Americans can continue eliminating injustice and promoting freedom.

Or, if you just drank a lot of beer and shot off fireworks, that’s fine too.

Now that the 4th of July is over, we can focus more fully on this week’s MUCH lesser-known, sort of made-up holiday of July 10th! As many of you know, 7-10 can be likened to 4-20…in that it’s a holiday dedicated to honoring a substance still illegal in many states. The difference, other than origin and date, is that 4-20 celebrates all things cannabis, and 7-10 focuses specifically on oils (hence the date 7-10, which is OIL backwards).

We think of 7-10 as 4-20 on crack (not literally!) because of the high concentration of THC in oils as opposed to bud. In recent years, dabbing has become an especially popular form of partaking in oils, and we’re sure tokers are happy to have any excuse to celebrate and experience the beauty of the dab…since one hit will go straight to the dome. High Times likes to call July 10th “Dab Day” for that reason.

Another reason to celebrate 7-10? It reminds us of the healing power of cannabis oil for children suffering from Crohn’s disease, epilepsy, and a number of other conditions.

You can bet we’ll have some things planned for the holiday, so YOU should plan to stop by one of our THREE locations this Thursday for a great time!

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