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Scythian Empires Smokin’ the J

Scythian Empires Smokin’ the J

If you’ve ever wondered how long water pipes have been around, wonder no more. The oldest have just been discovered in Russia, and they date back to somewhere between roughly 800 BC and 300 AD. These are no lame-ass water pipes either. They’re made of pure gold and were found buried carefully in a stone-lined chamber with seven pounds of gold jewelry, all covered in a thick layer of clay.

Found inside the pipes was a thick black residue which turned out to be a wombo combo of cannabis and opium. Historians believe these findings belonged to Scythian royalty, who are known to have used both drugs to alter their states of mind before battle. An interesting concept…the Scythians certainly weren’t using these pipes for peaceful reasons.

Another interesting tidbit about the pieces – their engravings reflect scenes of the time, including, according to Dangerous Minds, “a bearded man killing young warrior – or perhaps a jealous husband slaying a rival lover or son” and “mythological creatures…griffons ripping apart a horse and a stag.”

The pieces will soon be on display at a Russian museum. Cheers to you, Scythian empires! Except for all that violence. That was a little much.

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