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Sochi or Los Angeles?

Sochi or Los Angeles?

It’s FINALLY here! The Los Angeles Cannabis Cup!

Oh, right. And the Olympics. But also the Los Angeles Cannabis Cup. Is anyone headed there this weekend? If you are, share your stories and photos with us on Facebook! Last minute tickets are still available on the High Times website if you’re looking for a weekend getaway.

The next High Times Cannabis Cup event is in Denver during the weekend of April 18-20, 2014. High Times’ first two events in Denver were restricted to medical patients only, but you can imagine how the it changed last year after Colorado voters legalized adult, recreational use of marijuana. It was the most successful Cannabis Cup ever! We expect this year will be even more epic.

Of course, the 2014 Winter Olympics have also officially kicked off in Sochi, Russia. If you’ve heard, read, and watched way too much news about the half-finished Olympic Village conditions, human rights violations, and travel warnings, you’re in good company here. It’s all pretty heavy stuff.

So, for something a little different (and a little lighter), check out Crave Online’s “Amazing Olympic Facts” video and impress your friends with all your obscure, Olympics-related knowledge.

For instance, you’ll learn that Ross Rebagliati took home the very first Gold medal for snowboarding in 1998, but then had it taken away from him the very next day after it was discovered that he’d been smoking the reefer. He denied that allegation, but he also later opened his very own cannabis cafe called “Ross’ Gold,” so…you can drawn your own conclusions there.

If you’re headed to the Cannabis Cup this weekend – enjoy! And if you’re staying in watching the Olympics, you can still celebrate the Cannabis Cup from afar. Cheers!


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