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State Legalization Efforts

State Legalization Efforts

Marijuana is such a popular subject in politics and culture these days, it’s almost impossible to keep up with which states have updated the drug’s legal status and how. Every state’s laws are different, and where the drug is still illegal, penalties vary as do current advocacy efforts. How will you ever keep up? Enter High Times.

Every so often, High Times posts a legislative roundup to catch us all up on what we’ve missed. Yesterday, on such a fitting holiday as Memorial Day, they reminded us. Here are the states that have seen some movement (or the opposite):

  1. Texas. We’re depressed, and don’t feel like talking about Texas’ legislative failures anymore.

  2. Pennsylvania. Similarly to Texas’ problems, House Health Committee chair Representative Matt Baker pretty much refuses to let proposal for marijuana reform go before the House of Representatives. Democracy at its finest.

  3. Missouri. More bills blocked before voting – these two would have legalized industrial hemp and expanded the state’s CBD program.

  4. Colorado. What more could they do, you ask? Now they allow children to bring their medical marijuana to school. To sell, for more drug money. Just kidding….about the sales part, anyway.

  5. Oregon. Did you know Oregon doesn’t impose a sales tax? They are, however, working on a program to tax recreational marijuana.

  6. Nevada. Unclaimed medical marijuana licenses are being reallocated to others! Hurray!

  7. Nebraska. Nebraska wants to do some research on marijuana and epilepsy patients. It looks like they might actually be able to get that done.

  8. Louisiana. They’re attempting to lower penalties for pot offenders…and it’s at least past the Senate Judiciary Committee.

  9. Illinois. Illinois is SO close to decriminalization! The Senate voted in its favor, as has the House, and now it just needs some tweaking before it hits the Governor’s desk.

  10. Ohio. Third time is apparently not the charm when it comes to Attorney General Mike DeWine.

  11. Arizona. The state needs over 150,000 signatures before July 7, 2016 in order to get a spot on the ballot for an initiative that would regulate marijuana like alcohol.

  12. Tennessee. They tried to decriminalize marijuana in Nashville. It didn’t happen.

You can see from this list alone that marijuana laws are hardly predictable. So check High Times regularly for legislative updates, and we’ll try to keep you posted as we can too. Visit the post referenced here for even more details about these proposals.

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