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Stoner Giggles

Stoner Giggles

Happy Hump Day! By Wednesday everyone needs a good laugh, even if it’s a short week. That’s what we’re here for.

Maybe we’re behind the times on this, but if you have Twitter, you need to search the #StonerProblems immediately. You will not regret it. But if you don’t have Twitter, Buzzfeed did the work for you and compiled the best tweets that only stoners would understand.

Not that we know any stoners.

But we do know how many people regularly lose their lighters, y’all.

So we thought for your enjoyment this lovely Wednesday, we’d direct you to something that’ll make ya laugh.

22 Best Tweets Only Stoners Would Understand.

24 Reasons Little Kids and Stoners are Basically the Same.

31 Signs You’re Living With a Stoner.

Tell us your faves. Make your own. We’re on Facebook!

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