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Summer Options for Smoking and Toking

Summer Options for Smoking and Toking

Summer is the season of vacations, bonfires, impromptu road trips, lazy days by the pool or beach, and weekend festivals and events. You might be on the road a lot, or you might be staying local, but either way you’ll want to plan for your smoking and toking needs ahead of time.

During the winter months, maybe your tabletop vaporizer or water pipe covers all your bases. But now, as the weather warms and your friends are waiting for you to come outside and play, it’s time to consider more portable, discreet options.

This is where we come in. At the Glass House, we offer a variety of portable vaporizers, small glass pipes, and rolling papers. Depending on where you’re headed this summer, we highly recommend looking into portable vaporizers, or vape pens. Not only are they gentler on your lungs by cooling smoke into vapor, but they generally fit comfortably into a pocket or purse. And, if you’ll be in public, vape pens are more discreet – they look like electronic cigarettes and don’t emit much of a scent.

Rolling papers are another handy medium to have with you on the go. We recommend RAW rolling papers, which come in a variety of types and sizes depending on your preferences. RAW rolling papers are also natural, unbleached, and unrefined, making them much better for you and the environment. Plus, RAW is dedicated to helping others, and often participates in fundraising projects for non-profits like Wine to Water.

As you plan for your summer smoking and toking needs, don’t forget to stop by The Glass House! And tell us all about your favorite on-the-go piece by finding us on Facebook or using the Comment section below.


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