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Super Bowl Prediction? Mary Jane.

Super Bowl Prediction? Mary Jane.

Denver vs. Seattle: in the real life Weed Bowl, Denver would definitely win, since they’ve literally already set up shop (marijuana shops, that is). Unfortunately, real life Weed Bowl is not a real thing. So…the Super Bowl is this Sunday!

As we’ve mentioned before, NORML put forth their best efforts to have a pro-legalization commercial run during the Big Game. Despite a flood of support from citizens nationwide – including us, and you – they were shot down in the third round. You know, at the point where the company got to make the final decision instead of the voters. Go figure.

But, the Marijuana Policy Project had another idea. They posted advertisements on billboards near Mile High Stadium before the first game of the Broncos’ season on Sept. 5, and now they’re going all out for the Super Bowl. They’ve rented several 60-foot-wide billboards in New Jersey, highly visible and within easy driving distance of MetLife Stadium.

The MPP billboards have a simple message – marijuana is safer than alcohol. Why punish players for making safer, healthier choices? Go MPP!

In the meantime, now we have fodder for endless puns about football and stoners. There’s now a website at where you can purchase Stoner Bowl swag. Check it out! As they say, “You don’t need to cheer for Seattle or Denver. You just need to cheer for Mary Jane.”

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