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Synthetic Marijuana vs. Cannabis

Synthetic Marijuana vs. Cannabis

If you’ve been watching the news this weekend, you know our great state of Texas has seen a wave of overdoses on synthetic marijuana. In just five days last week, over 120 in Dallas and Austin have experienced signs of overdosing on K2, a synthetic drug created to feel like marijuana.

Pot activists aren’t big fans of the synthetic stuff anyway, since most of them love cannabis for its natural qualities, and the effects of K2 aren’t anything like those of marijuana. According to scientists, synthetic marijuana is just that – synthetic cannabinoids. A similar compound to marijuana, created in a lab, but more extreme.

K2 isn’t just annoying for people who are passionate about the real deal, but it’s also dangerous. And it’s not that all synthetic marijuana is dangerous, but it’s nearly impossible to know how the K2 you’re getting was prepared – how thickly it was mixed, how thickly it was sprayed onto the plant material, etc.

Synthetic marijuana is said to give users a stronger high than THC and can lead to seizures, hallucinations and convulsions as well as profoundly negative psychological effects. Rumor has it that the latest batches of K2 responsible for so many hospitalized in Texas may contain not just a strange compound mixture of cannabinoids, but also PCP. Of course, that may or may not be media fear-mongering, but it’s certainly a possibility.

At the end of the day, here’s another friendly reminder to our legislators that no one has ever overdosed on marijuana, or died of its effects. It won’t send its users to the hospital with seizures and convulsions. It’s another reminder that the legal sale of cannabis would allow for regulation and quality control. How many reminders do we need to make some changes around here?


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