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Posts Tagged ‘concentrates’

Part of what we love to do at The Glass House is help you find THE piece – the one that will be your favorite for years to come. Come in to the shop and we are happy to talk you through selection, but this is a great place to start. In our last post, we looked at which pieces work best based on your smoking habits. To make a wise investment, it’s important to take into consideration where and how often you smoke. If you missed it, feel free to catch up here.

The other important factor to consider is what you like to smoke.

If you prefer flower…

Glass pipes or water pipes are your obvious choices, and bubblers are a nice medium. Like we discussed last time, a water pipe will cool the smoke the most out of these options and will be more beneficial to your lungs and pack more of a punch.

If you prefer flower and are interested in vaporizing rather than smoking, you have a few options. The following are just a few examples engineered specifically for flower, so they are generally more likely to provide the quality of vapor you want than a “one-size-fits-all” sort of vape.

  • VaporBrothers Hands Free – tabletop vaporizer for flower
  • Da Buddha – tabletop vaporizer for flower
  • Arizer Solo – portable vaporizer for flower
  • Pax – portable vaporizer for flower

If you prefer essential oils and/or concentrates…

The potency of essential oils and concentrates is undeniable. They may be tough to get your hands on and more work to make, but many would argue they’re worth the extra effort. In this case, you want either an oil rig or a vaporizer. We cover oil rigs in our Dabbing 101 post, so check it out!

Most vapes do really well with essential oils, even those engineered for multiple types of product. The Cloud is an example of a portable vaporizer that can only be used with oils, but the following are pieces that can be used with flowers, oil, or concentrates. If you like to switch off, these would be perfect options for you. Remember when using herbs with these, it’s important to make sure they are finely ground.

  • DaVinci – portable
  • Atmos Raw – portable
  • Extreme Q – tabletop
  • Volcano – tabletop
  • Plenty – tabletop

We hope this helps you when you’re considering investing in a piece, whether it’s your first or fiftieth! Stop by the shop anytime and we’ll talk you through it.

Dabbing 101

Teach me how to dab, teach me teach me how to dab…

If you’re ready to graduate from a beginner to a more advanced toker, this post is for you.

Dabbing: what is it, and what’s so great about it?

Dabbing is a slang term for inhaling the vapor from concentrates that results from melting butane, or even solvent-less methods that use ice water or dry ice to extract the good stuff. Because the oil or wax is much more concentrated than plant, a single dab packs much more of a punch than a pipe or vaporizer. It’s also easier on your lungs, as it doesn’t involve inhaling from the butane lighter or taking in any smoke.

Ingredients needed for dabbing:

1. Extract of choice. Wax, oil, or any form of concentrate will do.

2. Oil rig. An oil rig is a water pipe designed for taking a dab. You can also find attachments that will hook right on to your basic pipe. Oil rigs come in two basic styles – the skillet or the nail. A skillet and dome rig attaches to a swing arm with a dome above it that leads to the downstem of the piece. A nail and globe rig consists of a nail made of glass, quartz, or titanium and a glass globe piece that encases the hot nail and contains the vapor.

3. Dabber. The dabber is a small glass or metal piece that is used to dab your extract onto the hot nail or skillet.

4. Handheld torch. You’ll need a small handheld torch or butane lighter to heat the hot nail or skillet before dabbing.

And you’re ready to dab! The process itself is fairly simple. Heat up the hot nail or skillet, and wait until it’s super hot. Take your dabber and scoop up some concentrate. Rub the concentrate onto the hot surface. Watch the vapor fill the pipe and inhale. Unlike smoking or vaporizing, you will immediately feel the difference.

Come by the shop and we’ll show you the oil rigs, butane lighters, concentrates, and other tools we have in stock. Don’t forget to let us know how your first dabbing experience goes!


We’ve featured several pieces on the blog recently that are designed to vape just one thing – either essential oils or dry herbs. Today we’d like to tell you about the DaVinci Vaporizer, which can be used with essential oils, dry herbs or concentrates.

The DaVinci (yes, like Leonardo) is a portable vape about the size of a small cell phone that can be conveniently stored in a pocket or handbag. Although it may be compact, it certainly isn’t delicate – apparently the makers drop tested it six times from ten feet and the vape was still in tact. This kind of strength is important for certain people, like those who drop their cell phones on the ground all the time…you know who you are.

For power, the DaVinci features rechargeable lithium ion batteries. Battery life lasts about an hour and a half, and recharging can take three to four, but thankfully you can still vape while it charges. It comes with the following pieces:

  • 1 Vaporizer
  • 1 Cleaning Brush
  • 1 110v-240v Wall Charger
  • 1 Flexi Straw
  • Pack of 3 Large Replacement Screens and6 small replacement screens
  • 2 Oil Cans
  • Instructional Manual, Quickstart Guide and Vaporizer Temperature Guide
  • 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Using the DaVinci couldn’t be simpler. First, pack the vaporizer with herbs, or use the oil cans provided to pack it with oils or concentrates. The three buttons on the front turn the heater on or off and allow you to adjust the temperature based on what you’re vaporizing. It only takes a minute or two to heat up and you’re ready to vape away. Another nice bonus about the DaVinci is that it’s self-contained. No travel or accessory bag is necessary because it has a built-in storage compartment for its pieces.

So, if you’re looking for a convenient and compact vaporizer that will cover all your herb, oil and concentrate needs, the DaVinci just might be the one for you. Let us know your thoughts about the DaVinci or any of our other products by commenting below or visiting us on Facebook!