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It’s pretty simple. Buy Grunge Off Super Soaker. It does all the work for you:


Once in awhile, a true miracle product comes along that actually makes you shake your head and say, “How did they do that?!” Grunge Off Super Soaker is one of these amazingly awesome must-haves. It seriously works. Watch the video below for a demonstration.

Grunge Off is a cleaning solution formulated exclusively for glass, more specifically – our beloved water pipes that have a habit of getting dirty and grungy way too quickly. Grunge Off is easy to use (no scrubbing necessary!), non-toxic, non-gritty, reusable, alcohol-free, biodegradable, recyclable, and earth-friendly. Oh, it deodorizes and sanitizes, too. Did we mention it is just plain awesome?


This exclusive formula cleans away grungy build-up and cuts through residue rapidly to get sparkling clean results. GRUNGE OFF advanced cleaning technology ensures optimum results in optimal time. Contents are NON-TOXIC*, Non Gritty and naturally earth-friendly. GRUNGE OFF Super Soaker’s advanced cleaning formula deodorizes and sanitizes too!!!!

Use only on glass products associated with the use of tobacco and other herbal blends.

 EASY TO USE….Oh so easy! Just let it SOAK!

 NO SCRUBBING…Soaking is the key to SUCCESS!

 REUSABLE!!!…Unlike most cleaners!

 NO HARMFUL ABRASIVES…Yes, it wont tint, degrade, or even eat off designs on your GLASS!

 ALCOHOL FREE!! Wont soak into your glass….trust me thats a GOOD thing!

 NO SHAKING NECESSARY…Wont break those fragile percs.



Key reminders:

 The dirtier the glass being cleaned, the longer the time needed to soak.

 Reusable! Remember to filter out your excess hard deposits before the break down the effectiveness of the  solution.

 The dirtier the solution gets, the less effective it is. So eventually, you will have the need for clean Grung OFF.