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Canada’s Prince of Pot

If you’ve been reading legalization news in recent weeks, you’ve probably seen the name Marc Emery popping up everywhere. Headlines like “Free Marc Emery” are all over the place. So…who is this imprisoned Canadian “Prince of Pot,” anyway?

Well, you’re in the right place.

The basics: Marc Emery, fondly named the “Prince of Pot,” is a Canadian businessman, policy reform advocate, politician and media publisher who also happens to be a former cannabis seed seller. In 2010, he was extradited from Canada to the United States, where he was imprisoned for a five-year sentence for selling millions of dollars of cannabis seeds and using all the profits to fund marijuana legalization activism.

In July, Emery’s application to fulfill the rest of his sentence back home in Canada was approved by the United States Department of Justice. Since then, Emery’s wife, friends and other activists have been patiently waiting for the Canadian Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney to review and approve his application, as well. Obviously, we’re now getting ready to enter November and no such approval has been granted. Blaney hasn’t even made a public comment about the issue.

Knowing the community of folks who are passionate about marijuana policy reform, you can probably imagine their reaction. Canadians have been especially supportive of Emery, and are coming together to encourage Blaney to bring Emery home. Yesterday, with the leadership of Emery’s wife Jodie, supporters rallied outside Parliament to peacefully demonstrate their solidarity. Those who couldn’t make it to Ottawa phone blitzed Blaney’s office, politely requesting his consideration.

For more information about Emery, check out the Free Marc Emery website at