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Many of our featured products so far have been vaporizers of all kinds, including portable, tabletop, essential oil, raw plant, etc. Today we’re moving on to water pipes – specifically, a brand called Scientific Inhalations (SI) located in Grass Valley (get it? get it?), California.

Water pipes are a great investment for those who enjoy prefer smoking to vaping and want something a little healthier, smoother and more potent than less filtered smoking methods. Water pipes also require less product than other traditional smoking methods, so if you smoke on the reg, you’ll reap the benefits in your wallet as well!

SI pieces are individually hand blown in the United States by professional glass blowers using high quality German joints and Simex or Schott glass, making them both elegant and durable. Straight pipes are available, which come with a downstem, bowl and five different color options for the lip and base band. SI also offers custom pipes, which come with a downstem hand-crafted custom splash guard and bowl. No two of their custom pipes will be exactly the same.

While SI’s custom and straight pipes are a great buy, McFinn’s water pipe, especially McFinn’s Triple-Filtered, is their real treasure. McFinn’s Triple-Filtered is perfect for those looking for the healthiest possible smoke, as it utilizes a special filtering system with Virgin Coconut Carbon. Virgin Coconut Carbon is used for air purification and absorption of odorous or colored substances, so it removes many of the impurities from the smoking process to give you a smoother, cleaner hit. Smoke is also pulled through organic cotton during McFinn’s filtration process, eliminating the synthetic chemicals present in conventional cotton.

McFinn’s standard version comes with a splash guard, standard filter, downstem, bowl and tube of Activated Virgin Coconut Carbon. The Triple-Filtered also includes a tube Organic Cotton and pictures to assist with the removal of used carbon and cotton.

As always, we’re here to help you find the pipe that works best for your needs. We love SI and we think you will too! Feel free to stop by either of our locations, visit our Facebook page or leave a comment in the section below!