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Posts Tagged ‘tapestries’

First of all, Oasis fans, you’re welcome.

Seriously though, let’s veer from the delicious vapes and other accessories for a day to more fully appreciate the artistic side of smoking and toking. For decades, artists and musicians (and probably Oasis! – where were you when we were getting high?) have used herbal methods to open their minds to new ideas and to inspire their work. After a good smoke, you want every element of your surroundings to contribute to the experience. Blank, boring walls might not kill the inspiration, but they probably won’t help, either.

Enter tapestries. Wonderwall tapestries are 90×100 inch cloth tapestries that can be hung on a wall or used as bedspreads. These beautiful, unique pieces of cloth art feature a variety of colors and themes, including nature, spirituality and, of course, cannabis. Whether you groove to zodiac signs, Buddha or the tree of life, we have a tapestry you’ll love.

We’ve found that although some tapestries are available at online retailers, shopping for them online is about as effective as shopping for clothes on the internet. You have no guarantee it will fit! There’s nothing like seeing these one-of-a-kind pieces up close and personal, and selecting the one that fits your smoking style best.

In case you’re picturing swirling psychedelic colors with a huge marijuana leaf in the middle, and in case that’s not your thing…don’t get us wrong! We’re not implying that because you’re a toker, you want a bedroom filled with trippy, multi-colored tapestries and blown-up photos of Bob Marley. We carry a wide range of tapestries for every style. But if you do need some tie-dye for your hippie van ASAP, The Glass House is a safe place for you. Also, we expect an invite.

Come visit us and see our entire selection!



Beautiful, one-of-a-kind tapestries. Come visit our shop to see all we have to offer.


The Glass House is your smoke and toke accessories shop located at:

15203 Knoll Trail Dr., Suite 119, Dallas, TX 75248

(972) 432-4846


413 E Round Grove Rd #103, Lewisville, TX 75067

(972) 315-2120

We also do custom sandblast piece orders.

Call us or visit us at one of our two locations!