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Today on the Glass House blog, we point you to High Times magazine, who released a new Youtube video that will help you consider some important questions before investing in a vape pen. You’ll notice that these are similar questions to the ones we addressed in our series, Which Piece is Right for Me?


Maybe you’ve noticed some of the incredible glass pieces we’ve posted on our Facebook page recently. You didn’t realize Winnie-the-Pooh could be both adorable and epic, did you? If you haven’t already checked it out, you should “friend” us on Facebook at TheGlass HouseTX. In the meantime, we’ll tell you a little about that Winnie-the-Pooh piece, designed and constructed by Franticus Glass.

Franticus is located in Tucson, Arizona and their mission is simple: to create and provide high-quality, American-made products and to give their clients the best customer service in the industry. We can vouch for them! Their products are absolutely high-end, from their intricately-designed glass pieces to their ceramics, wood, and metal. As they say themselves, this is the stuff dreams are made of.

Once you’ve seen a few Franticus pieces, you’ll be able to pick them out of a crowd. Vibrant colors, fascinating characters, and imaginative designs define their style consistently in one-hitters, water pipes, hand pipes, oilcans, and ceramics. These guys truly take glass and ceramics to a new level, perfecting not just the craft but the art as well.

If you’re looking for a piece to brag about, to set you apart from your friends, to accurately reflect your awesome personality, and/or just to become your new favorite, a Franticus piece might be exactly what you need. Come by either of our two locations and let us show you what we have in stock!

You can also check out their Facebook page at or follow them on Instagram at @franticusglass.


As we featured on our Facebook page over the weekend, Noble Glass is one of the many standout pipe brands available for purchase in our shops.

(Shameless plug for our Facebook page: “friend” us for updated information on our sales, events, and merchandise! We can be found at

Noble Glass was founded in Eugene, Oregon, about an hour south of Portland, with the mission of creating hand-blown soft glass pipes that stand out from the rest. Created by individual glassblowing artists without the use of molds, each piece from Noble is a little bit different from the rest, so you are guaranteed a unique product.

Another stand-out characteristic of Noble Glasses Pieces? Their vibrant colors. With 40 colors in their premium glass palette, Noble provides a variety of intense, brilliant alternatives to basic clear glass. While they are colored, the pieces are not completely opaque, so you can still see the smoke. Also, because each piece is created by an artist, they often feature styled feet and other intricate design characteristics.

When you’re considering the purchase of a water pipe, keep us in mind. Visit either of our locations or check out our Facebook page to see our knockout Noble Glass selection.



Working at The Glass House is a dream job for all of us, and we know how lucky we are to do something we love every day. Supporting local glass artists and setting ourselves apart from the average smoke shop is something we work towards every day. But this is something we can’t do alone! We know we need the support of the community – that means you, our customers, as well as our local partners. That’s why we’d like to give a shout-out to our friends at Deep Ellum on Air (DEoA).

DEoA is a 100% volunteer internet-based broadcast company in Dallas/Fort Worth that began six years ago with founder Jedi Jantzen (or Jantzen Ray, if you must) playing around with internet radio on the weekends during his stint at the Jagger Show. Now, they feature 14 weekly shows and enjoy hundreds of thousands of listeners. But – they’re still completely volunteer-based and have to rely on outside funding to keep it all going.

If you’re familiar with DEoA, you know how active they are in the DFW community. They are extremely dedicated to revitalizing Deep Ellum, giving voice to local artists, musicians, comedians and businesses. DEoA considers itself a medium for an “artistic collective,” where entertainers can mix, mingle and gain the recognition they deserve.

Because it’s obviously a cause that’s close to our hearts here at The Glass House, we also appreciate that DEoA heavily supports the NORML movement, airing the Texas Legalization Report Show, advocating for the legalization of marijuana and working to fight the stigma attached to tokers. We’ve been thrilled to partner with them on several events, and they’ve been kind enough to come out and do a live show from The Glass House!

We had the pleasure of chatting with Jantzen recently, and asked him to elaborate on DEoA’s mission and vision. He spoke of “art” as visual art, music ranging from metal to hip-hop, comedy and entertainment in general. While Dallas isn’t a place that people necessarily associate with art, Jantzen and his crew want to change that by spotlighting the talent that comes out of the DFW area.

“We are 100% local music and local shows, and we are 100% community. We just want to help artists create and entertainers entertain. We are all about supporting independent artists,” Jantzen told us. “Eventually, we would love to have a community center where people and especially kids can interact with the artists. Kids need art to help them funnel their energy into something positive. To give them something hopeful.”

We’re excited about where Deep Ellum on Air is headed, and we hope you are too. Visit them at – and local artists, feel free to contact them with your work! And, as always, visit us on Facebook and tell us why you love being a part of the DFW community!


We’ve featured several pieces on the blog recently that are designed to vape just one thing – either essential oils or dry herbs. Today we’d like to tell you about the DaVinci Vaporizer, which can be used with essential oils, dry herbs or concentrates.

The DaVinci (yes, like Leonardo) is a portable vape about the size of a small cell phone that can be conveniently stored in a pocket or handbag. Although it may be compact, it certainly isn’t delicate – apparently the makers drop tested it six times from ten feet and the vape was still in tact. This kind of strength is important for certain people, like those who drop their cell phones on the ground all the time…you know who you are.

For power, the DaVinci features rechargeable lithium ion batteries. Battery life lasts about an hour and a half, and recharging can take three to four, but thankfully you can still vape while it charges. It comes with the following pieces:

  • 1 Vaporizer
  • 1 Cleaning Brush
  • 1 110v-240v Wall Charger
  • 1 Flexi Straw
  • Pack of 3 Large Replacement Screens and6 small replacement screens
  • 2 Oil Cans
  • Instructional Manual, Quickstart Guide and Vaporizer Temperature Guide
  • 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Using the DaVinci couldn’t be simpler. First, pack the vaporizer with herbs, or use the oil cans provided to pack it with oils or concentrates. The three buttons on the front turn the heater on or off and allow you to adjust the temperature based on what you’re vaporizing. It only takes a minute or two to heat up and you’re ready to vape away. Another nice bonus about the DaVinci is that it’s self-contained. No travel or accessory bag is necessary because it has a built-in storage compartment for its pieces.

So, if you’re looking for a convenient and compact vaporizer that will cover all your herb, oil and concentrate needs, the DaVinci just might be the one for you. Let us know your thoughts about the DaVinci or any of our other products by commenting below or visiting us on Facebook!

Don’t forget we carry Kanna Bliss

Click here for our full review!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


What do California, Colorado, Medical Marijuana, hats, hard work, and giving back to the community all have in common? The answer is a little company who thinks big: Grassroots California.

This is a company that literally started from a backpack and has grown into their own flagship store in downtown Denver, with their products now being carried in more than 180 stores worldwide. They have released their first exclusive clothing line, are coordinating their own 710 Cup, and have more than 46,000 Facebook fans, all in a measly four years.


It seems like everything is getting smaller and more portable these days. Hey, we’re all for the “less is more” philosophy here at The Glass House. To that end, for today’s featured product, we present to you the “smoCan.”

What exactly is it? It is a small waterproof and dishwasher-safe aluminum canister with different compartments for pipe storage, a mini-Bic lighter, a screen/particle chamber, and built-in grinder. It is modular and expandable, and comes in five different colors (see below).