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Posts Tagged ‘the glass house’

In the news – Florida medical marijuana amendment

Tomorrow is a big day for medical marijuana in the state of Florida.

Tomorrow, the Florida Supreme Court justices will hear arguments about a proposal that will *fingers crossed* appear on the November 2014 ballot – a proposal to legalize medical marijuana.

Eight out of 10 Florida voters support medical use of marijuana according to a recent poll, and as long as sponsors reach 700,000 validated voter signatures by February 2014, the proposal will appear on the November 2014 ballot.

What is there to argue about, then? Two issues: whether ballot language is accurate, and whether the proposal encompasses a single subject. The state GOP leaders and others critical of a medical marijuana amendment believe the language would lead to more recreational use of marijuana rather than just being used to treat critical illness. They also argue that it is too broadly written to fit the “single subject” requirement.

Despite the opposition, the proposal has garnered enough popularity to become a hot issue in Florida. Supporters like former House Speaker Jon Mills, trial lawyer and major funder John Morgan, and several policy groups have been vocal in their arguments in favor of the amendment, appealing to the public’s sensitive side. According to an article in the Herald Tribune, Morgan appeared in a radio ad with the following quote:

“Medical marijuana has been proven to give our loved ones relief they need, helping with pain, appetite, seizures and spasms. Unfortunately, Tallahassee politicians refused to vote on the issue last session. They wouldn’t even hear testimony from patients and their families. Therefore, we will take this act of mercy to you, the people.”

What will the outcome be? Only time will tell! We’re rooting for you, Florida.



Those of you who have been into one of our shops or browsed our photos online know that we pride ourselves in our selection of local, hand-blown glass pipes. While we also aim to be your one-stop-shop for all your smoke and toke needs, we are The Glass House, after all.

When most people think of the art of glass blowing, they probably don’t immediately connect the thought with glass pipes. The studio glass movement began in the 1960’s when a ceramics professor and a chemist/engineer held workshops at the Toledo Museum of Art. During these workshops, they experimented with creating blown glass art from melted glass in a small furnace. It exploded into a worldwide movement. Now, many museums, studios, and educational institutions offer glassblowing resources for training and sharing.

And although many folks may not connect glass pipes with art, we believe they truly are an artistic medium, and we love knowing the pieces we use to smoke are one-of-a-kind.

In the DFW area alone, there are plenty of places to learn the basics of glassblowing.

Vetro Glassblowing in Grapevine features paperweight workshops for beginners, and a more advanced glassblowing class for those who have completed the prerequisites.

Similarly, Dallas Glass Blowing offers paperweight workshops for beginners. (What can be easier to start with than a paperweight, right?)

Bowman Glass in Dallas offers classes for beginners – no experience necessary!

In Forth Worth, American Glass Supply features a variety of classes for beginners and experts alike.

So, creative people, what’s stopping you? Check out one of these classes today! And keep us in mind when you’re crafting beautiful glass pipes.


At The Glass House, we love supporting local artists and hand-blown glass pipes. Metal pipes do have their advantages, though, and we realize many smokers prefer the cooler smoke.

Journey pipes come all the way from the United Kingdom (still at an affordable price!) and will be the last metal pipes you’ll ever buy.


The number of vaporizers available here at The Glass House even astounds us!


We can’t lie – at the Glass House, we have a soft spot for herbs. And concentrates. And oils of all kinds. But we don’t discriminate! Nicotine lovers, The Glass House is a place for you too. We carry a variety of electronic cigarettes, including (but not limited to) Max Vapor products, the Ego-T, the E-Pine, the Blade, True Vapor products and Lush Vapor e-juices. If you already own an e-cigarette, we carry all replacement parts and all the e-juice you’ll need. If you’re just beginning your venture into the world of e-cigs, our starter packs are $35 and include a free 10ml liquid.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Why should you even consider an e-cigarette? Plenty of folks pick up e-cigs as a step to quitting cigarettes altogether or to simply enjoy a healthier smoke. Depending on the e-juice, e-cigarettes can provide the same amount of nicotine as a conventional cigarette – but they eliminate combustion. This in turn eliminates the toxins that can cause lung disease and cancer later in life.

The taste is another benefit of using an electronic cigarette. Instead of smoking tobacco, e-cigarette users vape a liquid solution usually made of propylene glycol (PG) and/or vegetable glycerin (VG) mixed with concentrated flavors (and nicotine). These flavors include regular tobacco and menthol, but many e-juice makers like Lush Vapor also offer flavors as creative and delicious as Jolly Rancher, Orange Julius and Mountain Dew. Whatever flavor you’re after, you’re likely to find it!

With the variety of e-cigarettes on the market, you should have no trouble selecting one that fits your style. Some are almost identical to an actual cigarette, others look ultra-modern (like the sleek chrome finish of the Blade) and still others resemble a ballpoint pen and come in every color imaginable.

One thing we do NOT recommend is trying to vape essential oils or concentrates through your e-cigarette – unless you really know what you’re doing. Traditional vaporizers and even portable pen vaporizers are designed to provide enough heat to vape those materials, but e-cigarettes are not. Trust us on this one. We have plenty of vaporizers that vape essential oils, concentrates and raw plant beautifully, and we’re happy to show them to you!

Come by the shop to get the full array of e-cigarettes, e-liquids and replacement parts available. And don’t forget to let us know which products you prefer in the comment section below or on our Facebook page!


Since our 7/10 post, we can’t stop thinking about edibles. MagicalButter is an appliance that makes baking much easier – it grinds, heats and stirs (dirty!), extracting those sweet botanicals to help you make herbal butter, oil, tincture, lotion or whatever else you desire.

MagicalButter was founded by the friend of a Chrohn’s disease sufferer as a way to simplify the process of pain management. The company promotes trying herbal remedies before resorting to pharmaceutical pills, and edibles, oils and lotions are definitely a healthier option than smoking daily. Of course, MagicalButter can be used for more than just pain management – the website includes recipes for a hangover cure and toasted turkey, and there’s nothing like a special batch of brownies to spice up a party.

If you think using a crockpot is easy enough for concocting your own butter, you may be missing out. MagicalButter is simple to use and fairly self-explanatory, giving you the best temperatures and timer options for butter, oil and tincture and leaving little room for error. There is no scent with this device, so your house isn’t marinating in the scent of your product as it does its work. Oh…and did we mention it cleans itself?

How it works:

1. Open the lid and pour in your ingredients (see recipes on the MagicalButter website or make your own!).

2. Press the timer button to your desired function (butter/1 hour, oil/2 hours, tincture/4 hours, 8 hours or clean).

3. Press the temperature button to your desired function (160F, 190F, 220F, 250F) – default for herbs is 160F.

4. Let the cycle finish, open the lid and pour the contents into your own container using the filter provided.

5. Fill MagicalButter with soap and water, then press the button labeled “clean.”

And you’re done!

MagicalButter also comes with a one-year limited warranty.

Come visit us at either of our locations to see the MagicalButter for yourself, and please feel free to leave a comment below or on our Facebook page with your favorite recipe!



We know many of you wait all year for 4/20, and we’ve got many months to go before it comes around again. But guess what? We’ve got another holiday to tide you over. If 4/20 is for dry plants, think of this as a day to celebrate oils and concentrates. Turn OIL upside down and what do you get? 710. That’s today!

So in honor of 7/10, here are our top ten reasons to observe this very important day (as if we ever needed an excuse):


We invite you to join us at both of our locations for a 7/10 Food Drive and Raffle!


To follow up from our last post, hookahs are available here at The Glass House for rent or for purchase. Today, we want to discuss an accessory for the more health conscious hookah fans – the Xhale Steam Stones. Deemed “the next generation of hookah,” Xhale Steam Stones are tobacco-free and make vaporizing possible through a hookah, giving their users the best of both worlds – the opportunity to enjoy a hookah with friends and avoid the carcinogens that come with tobacco smoke.

But how is that possible, you ask? When you’re ready to enjoy your hookah, place the stones in your bowl and cover them with flavor syrup. The syrup comes in flavors similar to shisha – mint, guava, rose, cherry, bubble gum and a variety of mixes. Cover the bowl with foil as you would normally, and place your heated coals on top. After about two minutes, the intensity of the heat should subside and the stones should begin steaming. You’re ready to enjoy!

While the Xhale Steam Stones contain no tobacco, they do provide 0.05% nicotine to give you that lovely buzz.

At The Glass House, it’s not just our job to help you find the smoke that’s best for you, it’s our passion. So whether you crave smoke or an alternative, a portable piece or a desktop piece, glass or a vaporizer, come visit us in either one of our locations (Dallas and Lewisville) and talk through your options with us.

Have you used the Xhale Steam Stones? Help our readers out by telling us your experience in the comment section below or on our Facebook page!


We have been discussing a lot of portable vaporizers on our blog recently, and today we’d like to feature another type of vaporizer. This is the Da Buddha™ Herbal Vaporizer-Electric Candle made by 7th Floor, which is a super awesome group of people located at the foot of Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs, CO (a state who knows a little bit about this industry). 7th Floor is fully dedicated to making their customers happy. They are, in fact, their own customer, using all of their own products and perfecting them as they go along. So you can be sure this is a product backed fully by them – and us.

Da Buddha “rivals all vaporizers on the market in terms of potency, flavor and value,” claims 7th Floor on their website, and we urge you to do the field research yourself to see if what they say is true. We do have to agree that Da Buddha is “perfect Zen.” The way it’s put together with quality materials and through the daily and rigorous testing by the manufacturers, this vaporizer is truly a superior product.

Another thing about Da Buddha is that it is designed to save you money. Essentially by using it, you will vaporize 1/3 to 1/2 of what you currently smoke now. This is not bull, it’s real. Combustion destroys around 50%-60% of the active ingredients. Because vaporizing does not do this, it’s like having twice as much tobacco!

Call or visit us at The Glass House TX to get yours, or tell us about your experience with Da Buddha in the Comments section below.


If we want to get cannabis legalized in the state of Texas, we are going to have to join together in a big Texas way. This coming weekend, June 7-9, is the perfect opportunity to learn more about the movement as well as experience the energy and opportunity created when people join together as a community for one cause and purpose.

Please join The Glass House at the Texas Regional NORML Conference (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) in Fort Worth. There will be amazing keynote speakers, workshops, a screening of the new film American Drug War 2, a hemp fashion show, parties, and so much more.


St. Patrick’s Day is here again Dallas! And this year get ready to “sip on some gin and juice” and get your green groove on because SNOOP DOG is headlining Dallas’s ultimate St. Patrick’s Day Concert! And don’t you worry, The Glass House will be at the show too for you to pick up those last minute green items you may need.

That’s right, the show takes place in Energy Square at the Corner of Greenville Ave & University Blvd immediately after the Dallas St. Patrick’s Day parade and will feature Snoop Dog and other local faves so you can rock into the afternoon in style with the iconic music you love.

As a sponsor of the event, The Glass House will have a booth for you to stop by and say hello. Looking for green glass to show your shamrockin’ style? We will have green glass and more. And if we don’t have what your looking for, no worries, The Glass House Dallas is running a weekend long special for all of our Glass House Gurus at the show: just come into the store with your ticket or wristband and receive 20% off your purchases all weekend long at our home base in Dallas (15203 Knoll Trail Drive) or our Lewisville store on 413 E. Round Grove.

That’s right – St. Patricks Day just got better with The Glass House in the mix! So channel your inner Irish, show up wearing some green and ready to go – gates open at noon. Get there fast because VIP tickets are already sold out; no worries though, general admission tickets are only $15 in advance, $20 day of the event and you can still hang with us!

For more information go to:

Of course all guests must be 21+ with a valid ID. And hey, we know you like to party hard, but from all of us at The Glass House please party responsibly. We can’t wait to see you soon!