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Today on the Glass House blog, we point you to High Times magazine, who released a new Youtube video that will help you consider some important questions before investing in a vape pen. You’ll notice that these are similar questions to the ones we addressed in our series, Which Piece is Right for Me?


Everyone has a different first-time smoking experience, but 9 times out of 10, it happens with someone else. Maybe you have a friend who has a water pipe, and they teach you how to use it. Eventually, though, you give in and you want your own. Then, the inevitable question…which piece is right for me? Glass pipe? Water Pipe? Bubbler? Oil Rig? Vaporizer pen? Tabletop vaporizer? …All of the above?

So many options! Lucky for you, whether you’re a seasoned smoker or brand new, we’re here to help.

First, and most importantly, consider your habits. How often do you smoke? Where do you smoke? And where and how often do you want to smoke?

If you’re an occasional smoker who lives alone, with roommates who don’t mind it, or with neighbors who aren’t too nosey, a glass pipe is an inexpensive and effective investment. It’s the simplest method – pack it, light it up, and smoke it. It gets the job done.

Unfortunately, a regular glass pipe does nothing to soften the smoke as it enters your lungs. If you smoke more often than once or twice a week (or even if you smoke less), it may be beneficial to pick up a bubbler or a water pipe. The water cuts the smoke, causing less discomfort to your lungs. Plus, the effects of smoking through a water pipe are undeniably powerful.

However, if you need to be a bit more discreet with your smoking, a pipe isn’t going to do the trick. In this case, a vaporizer is definitely the piece for you. With a vaporizer of any size, scent won’t give you away. A pen is more discreet for obvious reasons – you can stash it just about anywhere, and you can bring it just about anywhere. Do you want to smoke at the movies, or on a road trip? A pen will give you the flexibility you need. If you don’t plan to travel with it, then a tabletop will be much more potent.

A vaporizer is also a good option if you smoke on the reg. The vapor is much healthier for your lungs than smoke, even if the smoke is cut by water in a bubbler or water pipe.

We’ll continue this series next week when we talk about the best piece for what you smoke…but in the meantime, come visit us and let us help you choose one in person!

Also, share with us on Facebook – what was your very first piece?



The number of vaporizers available here at The Glass House even astounds us!


Vaporizers typically require oils because they’re easier to use without combustion, but when it comes to dry herbs and concentrates, do you have any vapeing options?

The Atmos Raw vaporizer is marketed as the first of its kind with the ability to use dry herbs and mixes. Like most portable vaporizers, it could pass as an e-cigarette or a pen. It’s lightweight and conveniently discreet, and it comes in several colors (black, blue, silver, purple and green).


At the end of the day, you have a lot of options when it comes to glass, vaporizers and other bells and whistles. You can count on the Glass House to help you sift through the products and make the optimal choice for your specific smoke and toke needs.

Today, we’re looking at Grenco Science, the first company to utilize a tank system designed for essential oils. For those of you looking for a vaporizer that’s not only effective but also elegantly designed, the G Pen may be your new go-to.

At first glance, the Grenco Science G Pen Personal Vaporizer looks like a sophisticated e-cigarette, making it as discreet as it is portable. At an affordable price, it includes a mouthpiece, the G Tank and a G Tool, as well as a wall charger, AC adapter and two essential oil containers (oils not included).

The 30-second video below illustrates how the G Pen works, using a wick system to deliver oil to the heating coil with a rechargeable lithium-ion quality battery. This heats the oil to just the right temperature below the point of combustion, creating a smooth vapor and saving you from the toxins that come with smoke. The quality of the battery allows several hours of use between charges.

To summarize its benefits, the G Pen is easy on your lungs, has virtually no scent, can travel with you almost anywhere, heats quickly and lasts for several hours. What else could you ask for in a vaporizer?

Beyond the G Pen, we love that Grenco Science™ prioritizes giving back to the community. They have established a Charity Series that donates a portion of their proceeds to various non-profit organizations as well as an Artist Series that collaborates with artists in the industry.

As with all vapes, the G Pen can still have a slight learning curve for those new to the tool, so if you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask us! We’re here to help. And feel free to leave your own comments and questions below or on our Facebook page!


With so many “smoke and toke” accessories out there, we want to keep you in the loop on which are the best options for your enjoyment, your health and your wallet. Today we’re back with another piece from Delta9Vapes – the O-PHOS portable essential oil vaporizer.

For those vape virgins out there, the O-PHOS is a user-friendly, budget-friendly place to start. Not only is vapor a much healthier alternative to smoke, but a full 2.4 ohm cartridge like the one provided by O-PHOS will give you up to 400 hits – definitely more convenient than packing a bowl every time you want to smoke.

The O-PHOS works similarly to the Omicron we previously featured, but is lighter and more compact. It looks like a pen or an e-cigarette, and it produces so little of a scent that you can smoke discreetly almost anywhere. The pieces are simple – a vaporizer and an empty cartridge for essential oils only. Filling your own cartridge can be tricky at first, but the fill tool provided makes it pretty straightforward. Pre-filled cartridges can also be purchased to use with the O-PHOS.

This device is one of the first of its kind to come with two charging options – a wall charger and a mini USB cord. Not only does its size make it completely portable, the ability to plug the USB into your laptop to charge adds that much more to the convenience factor. Another benefit? Rather than having to go through the hassle of removing batteries, the O-PHOS has a pass-through system that allows you to continue vaporizing while it charges.

Interested in checking out the O-PHOS or one of our other vaporizer options? Come see us, leave us a comment in the section below or visit us on Facebook! We’re happy to help!



When we say that we are your complete smoke & toke accessories shop, we mean it. At the Glass House, we not only carry the best glass pieces you’ll ever come across, we also carry everything else you might need for your smoking enjoyment. Today we want to draw your attention to a very cool product called the Cloud. It is a vaporizer pen that has many benefits over the cheaper, inferior versions of the same type of pen.

First of all, how does it work? The Cloud comes with three pieces: a mouthpiece, a heating element and a rechargeable battery. You pour your oil in, the heating element (which is really a coil wrapped around a small wick, or some type of fiber) heats it up, and then you smoke away. The Cloud markets itself as ”guaranteed to generate the biggest cloud you have ever seen. What makes it different from all the other vaporizers on the market is its effortless and simple design eliminating the mess of using wicks. The vaporizing element provides just enough heat generating a cloud that can fill an entire room.”

While that seems like a pretty bold claim (we’d love to see some customers’ pictures if you want to share!), here are some definite, concrete benefits to this vape pen:

  • It is very small and completely portable. One online review said, “While some girls may have trouble fitting the unit in their short pockets, guys’ deeper pockets have no problem fitting it comfortably along with a cell phone. This is by far the best thing about this product and probably why it took the prize at the Cannabis Cup.”
  • There is absolutely no learning curve involved in using it. It’s super straightforward and simple to use.
  • The battery seems to last forever (1 to 1 1/2 days; then it only takes 45 minutes to charge).
  • Whereas with some other vape pens on the market that tend to leak, this one is leak-free and therefore very clean and non-messy.

These are just a few of the stand out reasons why the Cloud Vaporizer Pen has been the consecutive award winning product for “Best Portable Vaporizer” as voted by High Times Magazine.

Let us know what you think of it in the Comments section below, or share your cloud photos with us on our Facebook page: