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Everyone has a different first-time smoking experience, but 9 times out of 10, it happens with someone else. Maybe you have a friend who has a water pipe, and they teach you how to use it. Eventually, though, you give in and you want your own. Then, the inevitable question…which piece is right for me? Glass pipe? Water Pipe? Bubbler? Oil Rig? Vaporizer pen? Tabletop vaporizer? …All of the above?

So many options! Lucky for you, whether you’re a seasoned smoker or brand new, we’re here to help.

First, and most importantly, consider your habits. How often do you smoke? Where do you smoke? And where and how often do you want to smoke?

If you’re an occasional smoker who lives alone, with roommates who don’t mind it, or with neighbors who aren’t too nosey, a glass pipe is an inexpensive and effective investment. It’s the simplest method – pack it, light it up, and smoke it. It gets the job done.

Unfortunately, a regular glass pipe does nothing to soften the smoke as it enters your lungs. If you smoke more often than once or twice a week (or even if you smoke less), it may be beneficial to pick up a bubbler or a water pipe. The water cuts the smoke, causing less discomfort to your lungs. Plus, the effects of smoking through a water pipe are undeniably powerful.

However, if you need to be a bit more discreet with your smoking, a pipe isn’t going to do the trick. In this case, a vaporizer is definitely the piece for you. With a vaporizer of any size, scent won’t give you away. A pen is more discreet for obvious reasons – you can stash it just about anywhere, and you can bring it just about anywhere. Do you want to smoke at the movies, or on a road trip? A pen will give you the flexibility you need. If you don’t plan to travel with it, then a tabletop will be much more potent.

A vaporizer is also a good option if you smoke on the reg. The vapor is much healthier for your lungs than smoke, even if the smoke is cut by water in a bubbler or water pipe.

We’ll continue this series next week when we talk about the best piece for what you smoke…but in the meantime, come visit us and let us help you choose one in person!

Also, share with us on Facebook – what was your very first piece?



You may remember that we featured the Pax Vaporizer by Ploom back in April, with its sleek modern design. Recently Ploom introduced a new color for the Pax – emerald green – and we thought, hey, why not give it another plug? It really is that good. If you’ve never owned a vaporizer and are considering investing in one, listen up! The Pax is a fantastic unit both for beginners and seasoned tokers alike.

Ploom is an upstart tobacco company based in San Francisco, California and they market their Pax Vaporizer as the most pocketable, premium loose-leaf vaporizer. We couldn’t really argue with that. It looks a little bit like a lighter, measuring 4 1/8 ” x 1.4” x 7/8” – in other words, it will easily fit in the palm of your hand, or in a pocket, purse or clutch. Its size doesn’t compromise its integrity, though, and an anodized aluminum exterior and medical grade stainless steel air chamber give it the utmost durability and performance.

The Pax is also extremely user-friendly – we can’t emphasize this enough. Unlike many other vaporizers, it includes only three heat settings: low (370), medium (default-390) and high (410). It only takes about a minute to heat up, and the cute little light on the front of the unit will show you which temperature setting it’s on. By the way, by giving the piece a shake, that light will also show you how much battery life is left. The battery is rechargeable and takes around 90 minutes to charge if the unit is completely dead. Remember that the Pax can’t be used while charging, so plan accordingly.

As seen in the video we posted when we last covered the Pax, using it is as simple as it gets:

1. Remove lid
2. Fill oven
3. Power on
4. Use button behind the lid to change the temperature setting, if necessary
5. Enjoy!!
6. Power off
7. Clean :)

As we mentioned last time, it’s incredibly important to clean the Pax regularly as recommended in the instruction manual or the video Ploom developed. All it takes to clean is a pipe cleaner, q-tip and isopropyl alcohol.

The Pax is available in amethyst (purple), cobalt (blue), black (onyx) and now, emerald (green)! Feel free to stop by if you’d like to witness its incredible design in person, or visit us on Facebook or in the Comment section below if you have your own thoughts about the Pax.


If you’re looking for multiple vaping methods in one unit within a reasonable price range, the Extreme Q may be your next great investment. Made by the same folks as the Arizer Solo (which we love), the Arizer Extreme Q has recently been redesigned and reengineered with a focus on higher quality, improved performance and durability.

The Arizer Extreme Q includes the following…

  • Warming unit and power adapter
  • 2 x Glass Cyclone Bowls
  • 1 x Glass Potpourri Dish
  • 1 x Potpourri Sample
  • 1 x Screen Pk (Contains 1 flat/1Dome screens)
  • 1 x Remote Control
  • 2 x Interchangeable/Replaceable Glass Whip Mouthpieces
  • 1 x Glass Stirring Tool
  • 1 x 3 Foot Whip
  • 1 x Mini Whip
  • 2 x Balloons/Bags with Glass Balloon Mouthpieces & O-Rings (one assembled)
  • 1 x Owners Manual
  • 3-year warranty

With a 3-foot whip, a mini-whip and 2 balloons, you can choose your preferred vaping method and you can mix it up depending on the context. The mini-whip may be perfect for your own personal vape sesh, but passing the balloon at a party can always spice things up.

Another benefit to the Extreme Q is the remote control, which turns the unit off and on, adjusts the temperature between 6 presets ranging from 122°F to 500°F and controls the internal fan, which will inflate the balloon with your precious herbs or produce more vapor if you’re using the whip.

Using the Extreme Q is fairly simple, making it a great starter vape. Heat the unit up – it only takes 1 to 3 minutes but most users suggest letting it warm up for longer to get it nice and hot. Fill the bowl about halfway and you’re ready to go, either to draw from the whip or start filling the balloon. As with most vaporizers, it may take a few sessions to find your sweet spot with temperature and timing, but trust us, it will be worth it.

To see the Extreme Q up close and personal, come visit us at either of our locations! Feel free to visit us on Facebook or post below with your own vaporizer experiences or any questions or suggestions you might have.



Far away in the land of Ontario, Arizer has given us arguably the most effective portable vaporizer for flowers on the market. The Arizer Solo takes less than a minute to heat up, is simple to use and to clean, and produces incredible clouds with excellent flavor and heat distribution. Those Canadians definitely know what they’re doing.

The Arizer Solo features elegant and durable design in either black or silver. At 4.5″ in height and 1.75” in diameter, the Solo is designed to fit in the palm of your hand (unless you have baby hands). It consists of a high-quality lithium ion battery, a ceramic heating element and 2 glass stems, one straight and one curved. Vaping is as simple as powering it up, choosing your temperature (7 settings) and packing the bowl.

The Solo has received rave reviews from vape fans everywhere, so we wanted to sum up some of its best features for you:

1. It’s completely portable, with no cords or wires. As it should be, since it is a portable vaporizer, after all.

2. It utilizes glass instead of mucking up the flavor of your herbs with plastic. The glass also makes the vapor path astonishingly smooth and capable of producing dynamite clouds.

3. The clouds, you guys. The clouds.

4. The lithium ion battery provides 1-2 hours of continuous use. This is a lot of battery power. It take about 4 hours to completely recharge and the vape cannot be used while it’s charging, but if you plug it in while you’re not vaping, you’ll be golden. 1-2 hours will cover several vaping sessions.

5. The diffusing tubes/draw whips include 2 small holes in the glass on the bowl end so no screens are necessary. The simplicity is not only more attractive, but makes cleaning the piece much easier.

The Solo also features a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty, restricted to normal use. Due to quality craftsmanship, the Solo’s heating element is backed by a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty and the lithium battery is covered by a one year warranty.

Feel free to stop by, leave a comment below or visit us on our Facebook page to ask us questions or tell us about your experience with the Arizer Solo. We’re here to help!


Hand check! Today we’re featuring a hands-free table top vaporizer for flower with a whip-style mouthpiece. The VaporBrothers Hands Free includes a ground taper that fits on the vaporizer and allows the whip to stay connected. Because you have better things to be doing with your hands.

Comprising the VaporBrothers Hands Free are the actual wood box (available in natural, dark coffee and black) which contains the heating element, the Natural Mineral Easy Change HF Whip® handpiece and the Natural Mineral™ Mouthpiece. To use, power on, set the temperature to one of 3 options (310, 350 or 425), fill the bowl by pulling the herbs into the mouthpiece with the whip and vape away.

Included with the vaporizer…

  • Organic Botanical Blend sample
  • Bamboo pick
  • AromaBulb™ oil diffuser
  • Essential Oil Sample
  • Natural Mineral Easy Change HF Whip® Handpiece
  • Natural Mineral™ Mouthpiece
  • Class IV medical grade plastic tubing
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

The VaporBrothers Hands Free especially appeals to the health conscious. VaporBrothers is committed to ensuring their products include no toxins. This means their plastic tubing is Class IV medical grade, BPA and DEHP-free. They abide by RoHS standards, tested free of lead, mercury and Cr6+, and their heater is a 100% ceramic Natural Mineral Heater made exclusively by them.

The Natural Mineral Easy Change HF Whip® Handpiece features a ceramic whip handle and ceramic mouthpiece made from the same material as the heating element. This ceramic is not only healthier and more natural than other vaporizers’ glass counterparts, but it’s also much more durable. The whip does include a stainless steel screen rather than a ceramic screen, but if you’re hardcore, you can replace it with a ceramic screen without compromising the integrity of the vape.

Questions about the VaporBrothers Hands Free? Visit us on Facebook, use the comment section below or come see us at either of our locations!


We’ve featured several pieces on the blog recently that are designed to vape just one thing – either essential oils or dry herbs. Today we’d like to tell you about the DaVinci Vaporizer, which can be used with essential oils, dry herbs or concentrates.

The DaVinci (yes, like Leonardo) is a portable vape about the size of a small cell phone that can be conveniently stored in a pocket or handbag. Although it may be compact, it certainly isn’t delicate – apparently the makers drop tested it six times from ten feet and the vape was still in tact. This kind of strength is important for certain people, like those who drop their cell phones on the ground all the time…you know who you are.

For power, the DaVinci features rechargeable lithium ion batteries. Battery life lasts about an hour and a half, and recharging can take three to four, but thankfully you can still vape while it charges. It comes with the following pieces:

  • 1 Vaporizer
  • 1 Cleaning Brush
  • 1 110v-240v Wall Charger
  • 1 Flexi Straw
  • Pack of 3 Large Replacement Screens and6 small replacement screens
  • 2 Oil Cans
  • Instructional Manual, Quickstart Guide and Vaporizer Temperature Guide
  • 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Using the DaVinci couldn’t be simpler. First, pack the vaporizer with herbs, or use the oil cans provided to pack it with oils or concentrates. The three buttons on the front turn the heater on or off and allow you to adjust the temperature based on what you’re vaporizing. It only takes a minute or two to heat up and you’re ready to vape away. Another nice bonus about the DaVinci is that it’s self-contained. No travel or accessory bag is necessary because it has a built-in storage compartment for its pieces.

So, if you’re looking for a convenient and compact vaporizer that will cover all your herb, oil and concentrate needs, the DaVinci just might be the one for you. Let us know your thoughts about the DaVinci or any of our other products by commenting below or visiting us on Facebook!


We have been discussing a lot of portable vaporizers on our blog recently, and today we’d like to feature another type of vaporizer. This is the Da Buddha™ Herbal Vaporizer-Electric Candle made by 7th Floor, which is a super awesome group of people located at the foot of Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs, CO (a state who knows a little bit about this industry). 7th Floor is fully dedicated to making their customers happy. They are, in fact, their own customer, using all of their own products and perfecting them as they go along. So you can be sure this is a product backed fully by them – and us.

Da Buddha “rivals all vaporizers on the market in terms of potency, flavor and value,” claims 7th Floor on their website, and we urge you to do the field research yourself to see if what they say is true. We do have to agree that Da Buddha is “perfect Zen.” The way it’s put together with quality materials and through the daily and rigorous testing by the manufacturers, this vaporizer is truly a superior product.

Another thing about Da Buddha is that it is designed to save you money. Essentially by using it, you will vaporize 1/3 to 1/2 of what you currently smoke now. This is not bull, it’s real. Combustion destroys around 50%-60% of the active ingredients. Because vaporizing does not do this, it’s like having twice as much tobacco!

Call or visit us at The Glass House TX to get yours, or tell us about your experience with Da Buddha in the Comments section below.


Vaporizers typically require oils because they’re easier to use without combustion, but when it comes to dry herbs and concentrates, do you have any vapeing options?

The Atmos Raw vaporizer is marketed as the first of its kind with the ability to use dry herbs and mixes. Like most portable vaporizers, it could pass as an e-cigarette or a pen. It’s lightweight and conveniently discreet, and it comes in several colors (black, blue, silver, purple and green).


When we say that we are your complete smoke & toke accessories shop, we mean it. At the Glass House, we not only carry the best glass pieces you’ll ever come across, we also carry everything else you might need for your smoking enjoyment. Today we want to draw your attention to a very cool product called the Cloud. It is a vaporizer pen that has many benefits over the cheaper, inferior versions of the same type of pen.

First of all, how does it work? The Cloud comes with three pieces: a mouthpiece, a heating element and a rechargeable battery. You pour your oil in, the heating element (which is really a coil wrapped around a small wick, or some type of fiber) heats it up, and then you smoke away. The Cloud markets itself as ”guaranteed to generate the biggest cloud you have ever seen. What makes it different from all the other vaporizers on the market is its effortless and simple design eliminating the mess of using wicks. The vaporizing element provides just enough heat generating a cloud that can fill an entire room.”

While that seems like a pretty bold claim (we’d love to see some customers’ pictures if you want to share!), here are some definite, concrete benefits to this vape pen:

  • It is very small and completely portable. One online review said, “While some girls may have trouble fitting the unit in their short pockets, guys’ deeper pockets have no problem fitting it comfortably along with a cell phone. This is by far the best thing about this product and probably why it took the prize at the Cannabis Cup.”
  • There is absolutely no learning curve involved in using it. It’s super straightforward and simple to use.
  • The battery seems to last forever (1 to 1 1/2 days; then it only takes 45 minutes to charge).
  • Whereas with some other vape pens on the market that tend to leak, this one is leak-free and therefore very clean and non-messy.

These are just a few of the stand out reasons why the Cloud Vaporizer Pen has been the consecutive award winning product for “Best Portable Vaporizer” as voted by High Times Magazine.

Let us know what you think of it in the Comments section below, or share your cloud photos with us on our Facebook page:



The Volcano Vaporizer is the ultimate system to release the flavor & aroma from herbs, spices, and essential oils.

How To Use

In depth operational guide to the VOLCANO Vaporizer, featuring the DIGIT, CLASSIC, EASY Valve & SOLID Valve.


Sometimes bells and whistles are nice. Sometimes they just get in the way.

What do people want out of a vaporizer? Good vapor. It’s not rocket science, but it’s amazing how so many companies are adding a whole bunch of digitization, gadgets and gizmos to their products in an effort to – what? – distract customers from the fact that their vapor is no good.

Well, with the PLENTY, the vapor is plenty good. Manufactured by Storz & Bickel, who also makes the Volcano (read our write up about The Volcano here), the PLENTY exemplifies quality German engineering. They only use food-safe and aroma-free materials in its construction, so you can be sure you are getting the healthiest, purest, and most flavorable vapor possible.

According to the company website, the PLENTY Vaporizer is “an economically priced, powerful and robust hand-held device. The heat exchanger is equipped with a double helix to ensure efficient air heating and high-yield vaporization. The highly efficient stainless steel cooling coil ensures a pleasant aromatic experience.”

Clearly, these Germans know what they are talking about.

We’d be happy to hook you up with one of these powerful vaporizers at The Glass House TX. Let us know if you have any questions!



The Pax Vaporizer by Ploom is the world’s most pocketable, premium loose-leaf vaporizer.


Small enough to fit in your pocket, Pax heats, never burns your tobacco, releasing a delicious, satisfying vapor. It’s the world’s most pocketable, premium loose-leaf vaporizer. Using Pax is as easy as 1-2-3…get to know Pax in this brief user guide video.


Magic What?!

The Magic-Flight Launch Box™ is a small, fast, portable vaporizer useable by anyone, anywhere, anytime. It provides a convenient, reliable and efficient alternative to smoking.

Da Buddha Herbal Vaporizer

Interested in a home vaporizer? Look no futher…Da Buddha Vaporizer is now IN STOCK. Da Buddha is a standard vaporizer that employs ground glass technology for a truly hands free experience.


Extreme-Q Vaporizer Introducing the All New Extreme Q Vaporizer, manufactured by Arizer. As Distributed by K.J. Rockwise. With the overwhelming success of the original Extreme Vaporizer, Arizer has now released to market the newest innovations in tabletop vaporization. Boasting all of the features of the original Extreme Vaporizer plus more, you are sure to love the Extreme Q!  Aesthetically improved, structurally reinforced, and whisper-quiet, The Extreme-Q has an all-glass air flow, cool-blue LED lighting, Canadian Designed and Manufactured LCD, glass-on-glass fittings, precise digital temperature control, 3-speed Whisper-Quiet fan, automatic shut-off timer, a structurally reinforced Large Ceramic Heater with a Lifetime Warranty, and a 2-Year Limited Warranty from the manufacturer against defects in Materials and Workmanship. The Extreme-Q comes with: 1 Owner’s Manual, 1 Remote Control, 2 Cyclone Bowls, Potpourri & Potpourri Bowl, 2 Interchangeable Mouthpieces, 2 Balloons with Glass Mouthpieces, 1 Mini-Whip for Balloons, 1 Three-Foot Whip with Glass Mouthpiece, 1 Glass Stir Tool, 1 Extra Dome Screen, 1 Extra Disc Screen, 1 Power Adapter, and 1 North American Power Cord. Made in Canada with only the highest quality materials and designed to outperform its competition, the Extreme-Q  Vaporizer offers unbeatable value at an incredible price.