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Everyone has a different first-time smoking experience, but 9 times out of 10, it happens with someone else. Maybe you have a friend who has a water pipe, and they teach you how to use it. Eventually, though, you give in and you want your own. Then, the inevitable question…which piece is right for me? Glass pipe? Water Pipe? Bubbler? Oil Rig? Vaporizer pen? Tabletop vaporizer? …All of the above?

So many options! Lucky for you, whether you’re a seasoned smoker or brand new, we’re here to help.

First, and most importantly, consider your habits. How often do you smoke? Where do you smoke? And where and how often do you want to smoke?

If you’re an occasional smoker who lives alone, with roommates who don’t mind it, or with neighbors who aren’t too nosey, a glass pipe is an inexpensive and effective investment. It’s the simplest method – pack it, light it up, and smoke it. It gets the job done.

Unfortunately, a regular glass pipe does nothing to soften the smoke as it enters your lungs. If you smoke more often than once or twice a week (or even if you smoke less), it may be beneficial to pick up a bubbler or a water pipe. The water cuts the smoke, causing less discomfort to your lungs. Plus, the effects of smoking through a water pipe are undeniably powerful.

However, if you need to be a bit more discreet with your smoking, a pipe isn’t going to do the trick. In this case, a vaporizer is definitely the piece for you. With a vaporizer of any size, scent won’t give you away. A pen is more discreet for obvious reasons – you can stash it just about anywhere, and you can bring it just about anywhere. Do you want to smoke at the movies, or on a road trip? A pen will give you the flexibility you need. If you don’t plan to travel with it, then a tabletop will be much more potent.

A vaporizer is also a good option if you smoke on the reg. The vapor is much healthier for your lungs than smoke, even if the smoke is cut by water in a bubbler or water pipe.

We’ll continue this series next week when we talk about the best piece for what you smoke…but in the meantime, come visit us and let us help you choose one in person!

Also, share with us on Facebook – what was your very first piece?



Looking to upgrade your water pipe for smoother, cleaner hits? Rox Glass Diffusion Stones might be for you! They’re inexpensive and will work with any pipe, and they will completely change your smoking experience.

Rox are made of art glass, which is much softer than the borosilicate glass used in pipes – meaning it’s very unlikely that they will scratch. They’re non-toxic, colorless and impermeable to water or odors.


Of all industries, ours understands the importance of being “green” more than most! Thankfully, more and more opportunities are arising for us to smoke and toke while remaining environmentally friendly. If it’s from the earth, we should be able to enjoy it without hurting the earth. And we can!

Today we’re featuring a water pipe from the hillsides of Maui, Hawaii. I think we all know that Hawaiians have mastered the art of relaxation, and Hawaii was named the happiest state in America this year. Maybe the Maui Wowie Bootube has something to do with that?

The Maui Wowie Bootube is a bamBOO tube – made of black bamboo harvested from largest certified organic black bamboo farm in the western hemisphere. Maui Wowie calls it a 100% sustainable “Living Glass” water pipe and the only fully sustainable organic water pipe on the market. Maui Wowie did their research to discover this variety of black bamboo is naturally resistant to mold, mildew, cracking and water damage, making it an ideal choice for smoking.

The “green” aspect of the Bootube doesn’t end with the bamboo. Maui hand-harvested, organic beeswax seals the inside of the Bootube, and hempseed oil is used to finish the outside. You’ll find no inorganic, toxic or GMO materials in the Bootube. The bowl is crafted with standard clear milled glass-on-glass, but this can be upgraded with your choice of ten different bowls and customized branding.

We at The Glass House join Maui Wowie in encouraging you to burn green! Interested in the Bootube? Stop by and see us!

Feel free to share the ways you’ve found to keep your smoking friendly to the environment on our Facebook page or in the comment section below!



It’s pretty simple. Buy Grunge Off Super Soaker. It does all the work for you:


When you hear the word “pulse”, what do you think of?

A pulse is an indicator of life, that a heart is beating.


The Glass House is excited to carry KannaBliss, the “Original 2oz Shot for the Smokin’ Enthusiast.” These liquid shots come in three different formulations – HighVoltage, MagnaHigh, and CouchLock. All contain CouchLock’s base proprietary blend, but they each contain some added benefits to compliment the time of day you enjoy your activities.