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The 4/20 and Easter link

The 4/20 and Easter link

4/20 is almost a month away, y’all – what are your plans? If you have the option to travel to Denver, by all means, you should absolutely do it.


World Cannabis Week starts on April 17 and leads up to the High Times Cannabis Cup, all culminating in one big 4/20 celebration. It’s funny to think that the city of Denver will be smoking joints while the Mecca for Evangelical Christians (aka Colorado Springs) is less than 100 miles away. Did we mention 4/20 is on Easter Sunday this year?

In the words of Jason Blevins of the Denver Post, “The big day will blend celebrating dope smokers, jubilant skiers, Easter-egg hunters, the world’s largest cannabis competition and Christians extolling the resurrection of Jesus. The colorful cultural swirl of Colorado gets a little pot added to the melting pot on Sunday, April 20, 2014.”

We need to create a new COEXIST bumper sticker just for the occasion. There’s no reason why all these things can’t be combined. We like to think Jesus would totally smoke a blunt with us.

Cannabis Culture recently featured an article about the natural link between marijuana and Easter which we found to be pretty interesting. We know that Easter is the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection and the most sacred Christian holiday. Author Ellen Komp shares that the holiday originates in ancient Babylon, where people celebrated the resurrection of their god Tammuz around the time of the spring solstice. Tammuz was brought back from the underworld by his mother/wife Ishtar (pronounced “Easter” in most Semitic dialects). The symbols of Easter (flowers, painted eggs, and rabbits) were also the symbols of their celebration.

Ishtar was known as a compassionate, healing deity. Her worshippers practiced burning incense (thought to be cannabis) as part of their religious rites. In the Old Testament, when prophets warn the children of Israel to cease their idol worship to gods and goddesses like Ishtar, the women tell him they will “continue to secretly burn incense to the Queen of Heaven”.

No matter where you celebrate 4/20 or Easter this year, remember the history of the holiday and light one up in honor of the ancients.

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