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The New York Times Calls for Legalization

The New York Times Calls for Legalization

The New York Times editorial board is incredibly supportive of marijuana legalization – so much so that they recently published a series calling for an end to prohibition of the drug. They talk about the politics behind prohibition, including racisim and xenophobia. They highlight the injustice behind many marijuana arrests. They look to science for answers about the drug, and discuss the many ways in which the marijuana market can and will be successful.

The New York Times makes an impenetrable case for the legalization of marijuana, recreational and medical. As a little added bonus, when they posted the series, the editorial board asked readers to comment and state their preferences – against legalization, for it, or uncertain. According to a summary article the Times published yesterday, NYT readers “overwhelmingly believe that prohibition is pointless.”

The article references a few of the most interesting and thoughtful comments they received, even those that were anti-legalization. There are some folks out there who are calling for prohibition of alcohol and tobacco as well, and to those people, we say…thank you for your consistency, at least?

But the New York Times gave us an idea. We know where most of you stand on the issue – but we’d like to hear it from you. Are you for legalization, against it, or unsure? And why? Share on our Facebook page, or use the Comment section below.

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