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Remember the THIS IS YOUR BRAIN ON DRUGS campaign from the 80’s? Spoiler alert: your brain on drugs is a fried egg. But seriously, generalizations like “drugs fry your brain” really fail to explain a) what drugs actually fry your brain, and b) how they fry your brain.

The following Upworthy video takes an interesting look at how THC interacts with your brain. As the poster asks, “why does the inhaled smoke from a specific plant make you feel like every thought you have deserves its own doctoral thesis?” Neuroscience has the answer, and it’s explained in this succinct little video:

You know what’s important? THE FACTS. Business Insider posted an article on 4/20 last year about what marijuana does to your brain and body. They tell us what we really already know – it makes you feel good but you have to be careful what you mix it with; it can block memory formation in brains that aren’t fully developed; and it can cause increased heart rate, red eyes, and dry mouth.

In addition to the facts about what it does to your brain and body, they posted and linked to a separate article about all the benefits of cannabis. And they are:

1.       It can prevent blindness from glaucoma.

2.       It’s better for your lungs than tobacco.

3.       It controls epileptic seizures.

4.       A chemical found in marijuana stops cancer from spreading.

5.       It may decrease anxiety.

6.       It slows the progression of Alzheimer’s.

7.       It eases the pain of Multiple Sclerosis.

8.       It lessens side effects from treating Hepatitis C.

9.       It treats inflammatory bowel diseases.

10.     It relieves arthritic discomfort.

Thanks for the info, Business Insider! Check out the full article here.

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