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Toking in Texas

Toking in Texas

No, it’s not an episode of Friday Night Lights. But it could be.

Last weekend, Texas A&M defensive lineman Isaiah Golden, his buddy and teammate Darian Claiborne, and top recruit Devante Noil were parked in a handicapped spot outside of a College Station apartment complex. And what scent do you think was wafting from the vehicle?

You got it–the sweet, sweet scent of burning cannabis. Police officers sensed it. Not good.

When the cops searched the vehicle, they found just under 2 grams of marijuana stashed in a Swisher Sweets pack on the ground outside the driver’s side of the car (can you say strawberry blunt?), and Golden admitted it was his. This confession earned him a possession charge resulting in arrest, from which he was released on a $2,000 bail.

The cops also found a bottle of liquor in the car, and all three boys are under the legal drinking age. We’re not really sure why the police decided to press charges for marijuana possession and not underage drinking. We don’t know whether or not the bottle was sealed. But we’re hoping it was, because otherwise, Texas cops were truly minimizing alcohol abuse by minors and the dangers of drinking and driving.

Not only would they be disregarding the alcohol offense, but they would be distorting the perception of marijuana as a drug worse than alcohol, which we know to be completely false. Funny how most news outlets aren’t reporting the liquor at all – they’re focused on the possession and Claiborne’s noise violation.

Either way, both the Texas governor and the law enforcement has a long way to go in educating themselves and the public about the true nature of the drug.

What can you do to help move the process along?

The Dallas Fort Worth chapter of NORML just announced the 2nd Annual Texas Regional NORML Conference in Fort Worth – you should plan to attend. It will be taking place from June 6-8 at the Norris Conference Center, and general attendee badges for members are only $25. We’ll have more information about the event as it gets closer. In the meantime, if you aren’t already a member, you should join! If you’re passionate about marijuana legalization and public education, they need your voice.


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