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True Life Weed Style + Afroman?

True Life Weed Style + Afroman?

Every day is a good day for some laughs. We have a couple for you.

First, we’re guessing a lot of you don’t watch MTV anymore, because let’s be honest, what the hell even happened to MTV? Here’s what the hell happens on MTV now – True Life! And last night’s True Life episode = “True Life: My Parents Love Their Weed.”

You can listen to the daughter and her father argue about whether smoking weed is biblical. They make a bet that if he goes to church, she’ll go to the Canna-lympics. Just check this ish out. And then never watch MTV again. Or watch it like the rest of us do, as a guilty pleasure, hiding in our rooms, eating bon-bons.

We’d also like to draw your attention to someone you may not have heard from in awhile but you certainly haven’t forgotten – Afroman! “Because I Got High” is every stoner’s favorite song, right? Uh huh. Well someone decided it’d be cute to make the positive version – since the song really doesn’t do us a lot of favors. Thanks, Weedmaps, for reminding everyone that pot smokers can still care about things. And they can still GET SHIT DONE. Sarah Silverman is living proof.

Just one suggestion…never read the comments. Your laughter could turn to weeping.

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