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Weed in Washington

Weed in Washington

It’s finally happening in Washington State – they’ve emerged from their quiet phase and we now have some idea of when and how legal marijuana will be marketed.

According to an article on Seattle PI, it’s crunch time for growers and retailers. There’s a lot of “wheeling and dealing” with prices, and as grower/owner of CannaMan Farm Brian Stroh says, “Folks will be squeezing each other and not making many friends.” He says he has been contacted by producers, processors, and retailers, “all with their own game on squeezing the market.” What ever happened to the term “peace pipe,” anyway?

Right now, growers seem to be estimating the price of legal marijuana at anywhere between $15 and $25 a gram, which is right in line with Colorado’s prices. It’s more expensive than the Black Market, but it’s also legal, so…you know, it’s to be expected.

But anyway, that’s the background drama, and here’s the down and dirty:

  • Anyone over 21 can buy it, not just residents of Washington.
  • The first retail stores are expected to open during the first week of July.
  • Licensed retail stores are the only place recreational marijuana will be available to purchase.
  • These stores may be open from 8:00 a.m. to midnight.
  • Unlike Colorado, hash, hash oil, and other concentrates will NOT be sold at retail stores. But, to qualify as “infused,” a concentrate can just contain a little bit of inert oil or orange juice.
  • A single transaction is limited to ONE ounce of marijuana, sixteen ounces of marijuana-infused product in solid form, or seventy-two ounces of marijuana-infused product in liquid form.
  • No public smoking will be permitted.
  • You can’t legally grow your own bud without a license.

So, that’s what’s up in Washington, in case you were wondering. Anyone visiting soon? Who wants to check it out for us in person?

P.S. The New York State Senate passed its medical marijuana bill. Next and final stop – Governor Cuomo.

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