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What Do Borat and Cannabis Have in Common?

What Do Borat and Cannabis Have in Common?

Cannabis grows exceptionally well in Kazakhstan. We’re pretty pissed at Borat for not sharing that important piece of information. Instead, we found out through Dangerous Minds. Although it grows well there, apparently state officials aren’t too savvy about it . . . somehow, the Kazakhstan capital Astana City has been overgrown with the plant.

According to Dangerous Minds, Kazakhstan officials have had to work tirelessly over the years to “weed out” (ha…ha…) the large amounts of cannabis that grow wild all over the country. You’d think with all that tireless work, they would know when thousands of pot plants started creeping up in the middle of the city’s main drag, Auezov Street. Nope. All of a sudden, there are thousands of cannabis plants growing all along the city’s highway, and officials are like, “WTF is this?!”

If Borat wasn’t enough, Kazakhstan is starting to sound more and more like a great vacation spot.

Now the Astana City Council wants to know – where the hell did all this weed come from? An accident? A joke? A guerrilla effort from marijuana advocates? Ohh, we sure hope we find out soon. In the meantime, any cheap flights to Kazakhstan? We heard the horticultural scene is great there.

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