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Xhale Steam Stones

Xhale Steam Stones

To follow up from our last post, hookahs are available here at The Glass House for rent or for purchase. Today, we want to discuss an accessory for the more health conscious hookah fans – the Xhale Steam Stones. Deemed “the next generation of hookah,” Xhale Steam Stones are tobacco-free and make vaporizing possible through a hookah, giving their users the best of both worlds – the opportunity to enjoy a hookah with friends and avoid the carcinogens that come with tobacco smoke.

But how is that possible, you ask? When you’re ready to enjoy your hookah, place the stones in your bowl and cover them with flavor syrup. The syrup comes in flavors similar to shisha – mint, guava, rose, cherry, bubble gum and a variety of mixes. Cover the bowl with foil as you would normally, and place your heated coals on top. After about two minutes, the intensity of the heat should subside and the stones should begin steaming. You’re ready to enjoy!

While the Xhale Steam Stones contain no tobacco, they do provide 0.05% nicotine to give you that lovely buzz.

At The Glass House, it’s not just our job to help you find the smoke that’s best for you, it’s our passion. So whether you crave smoke or an alternative, a portable piece or a desktop piece, glass or a vaporizer, come visit us in either one of our locations (Dallas and Lewisville) and talk through your options with us.

Have you used the Xhale Steam Stones? Help our readers out by telling us your experience in the comment section below or on our Facebook page!

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